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MSavic Guardian 06.jpg

The Guardians

This project is inspired by the need of preserving nature and diversity around the planet. Preservation is symbolically depicted by the portrait of a Guardian.

By wrapping a person in different textiles, I tried to depersonalize any particular individual in order to generalize the role of humans, as a species, in protecting the environment.

Each Guardian is placed on a background of a specific landscape representing different ecosystems, from Namib desert to glaciers in Argentina. This is a metaphor of mankind, called to participate, with no distinction, in the fight for the preservation of the planet. 

Focus of the project is on the beauty of nature in all its forms and shapes, and to remind that we do hold the keys of its conservation (or degradation). The Guardians pay tribute to all local communities and indigenous people, bravely fighting against deforestation, poaching and industrial overexploitation, in their effort to save local environment.

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